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Name: Leifr Birgersson
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Ulfen
Homeland: Land of the Lindorm Lords.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, CN
Age: 19
Class: Level 5 Bloodrager
Hit Die: d10
Hitpoints: 38


Leifr stands tall at 6 feet and 180 lbs. He's blonde, wildgrown and got a small beard like a goatie. He dresses in fur and leather with details of bronze. His eyes are blue. He's only 19 years old (which for a randomized human starter Barbarian is rather high).

In combat he wears scale mail and a greatsword.

Good at riding and dealing with animals. Got good perception and intimidation. Minor Arcana Knowledge. Decent survival skills. Decent at acrobatics and combat maneuvers.

Leifr is a Bloodrager which is a hybrid of the Sorcerer and Barbarian core classes. In addition to the Barbarian's Rage class skill (Named Bloodrage in this case) he also have access to Sorcerer Bloodline powers aswell as the ability to cast some spells (not until lvl 4). Leifr is of Abyssal bloodline, which means a demon at one point got involved in his family. As a Bloodrager he has a number of special abilities.

Bloodrage, which works like the Barbarian Rage. It boots up his HP and damage at the expense of AC.

Fast movement, which extends his base 30ft speed with an additional 10 making his base speed 40ft.

Uncanny Dodge, Leifr can't be caught flat footed.

Improved Uncanny Dodge, immune to sneak attack unless the other exceeds him with 4 rogue levels or similar.

Blood casting , allows him to cast a limited amount of spells. (He only knows these 3 spells and can only cast max 2 a day)
Mirror strike, when cast allows him to strike an additional foe. (Splits time in such a way that a melee strike becomes two attacks against foes in reach)
True strike , next attack has an greatly increased chance of hitting its target.
Thunderstomp , strikes the ground with great force which may trip nearby foes.

Bloodline Powers: Abyssal
Claws. While Bloodraging he transforms in such a way that he sprouts claws which makes it possible for him to deal additional damage as a Natural weapon. These Claws are also magical which means they pierce certain types of damage reduction.

Demonic Bulk. While in a blood rage he may chose to double his size and 8 times his weight. Increases reach and strength but makes him easier to hit.

Power attack, which at the expense of accuracy deals extra damage

Improved Bullrush When making a Bullrush he's not left open to attacks of opportunity.

Toughness Leifr can take more damage.

Combat Casting Makes it easier to cast spells in close combat when casting defensively.

Weapon Focus He becomes more skilled with a weapon of choice.


Leifr grew up in the Lööwtúng clan up in the northern wastes of The Land of the Lindorm Lords. His father was a proud warrior and his mother had a touch for caring about animals. As the youngest of three he was raised to be strong and be able to hold his own in a fight. However tragedy struck early as his mother got complication following her forth pregnancy and his younger sibling was a stillborn. It hit his mother hard. But she was a strong woman whom worked her way through it. Perhaps unfortunately it also lead to Leif getting special treatment by her.

As grew up it was soon clear that he was stronger than his peers. He soon got special training in how to use his rage to fuel himself in battle, like a berserk. But as the training progressed and he managed to unleash his rage it had some unexpected side effects. He was called a Bloodrager, fearsome warriors wielding eldritch powers born from their blood.

Unfortunately in his rage it became clear that his blood was of demonic origin as claws sprouted out. It sent a wave through the clan. People started to avoid him, fear him. Everyone had heard the stories of the demons and the World Wound. They knew what demons was capable off. Leifr was shunned and his family shamed.

So he had to leave. The clan provide for him because regardless of what he was, he was still one of theirs. He packed his things and left. He was feeling lost in the world but he knew he had to keep going. His home was no longer his. He found residence among the clerics of Gorum whom taught him valuable lessons on how he shouldn't let his blood dictate his fate. He had been dealt a hash hand by the gods but they were just testing his resolve. He boarded a ship and went for warmer lands.

Eventually he grew tired as a trader and sailor and he took job as a mercenary. He found his peace in battle. It wasn't too difficult either as Ulfen warriors was highly sought after, despise his young years. After some time he got employed as body guard and things were going well for him. Until he failed in his mission. With no job and shame in himself hanging over his head he went back to mercenary work. Which brought him to his next chapter in his life.


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